Planning For Plant Size

The amount of space you have dictates how many plants you can grow and how many lights you can use, which ultimately determines how large a yield is possible. Having a very large grow space without enough light to spur rapid growth is not ideal. Overcrowding a small space with too many plants is also a mistake that will lead to a less than optimum yield. Top Quality BONGS.

To put it simply, plant growth is powered by light. In essence, they "eat" light. So your harvest doesn't solely depend on how many plants you have or how large of a space you have to put them in, but how much light is available. The only thing you can't have too much of is light.

For example, let's say you have two grow rooms, one room is 3' x 4' (12 sq/ft) and holds twelve plants. The other room is 4' x 6' (24 sq/ft) and holds twenty-four plants. Both of these rooms use a 600-watt HPS lighting system hanging from the middle of the room. You might think you would get a bigger yield from the larger grow room containing more plants, right?

Wrong! You would get the same or possibly even a smaller harvest from the larger room. Available lighting largely determines your eventual harvest if all other factors are optimum. As you will learn in the lighting chapter, the further the distance the plant is from the light source, the exponentially less light it will receive.

The twelve plants in the smaller room have access to just as much light, but spread over a smaller space and thus more intense. The plants on the edges of the larger 24-plant room receive inadequate light and produce inferior buds and take light away from the plants directly under the light.