Questions About Hydroponics

Are hydroponics systems unnatural?

Plant growth is a real and natural occurrence. Plants require basic, natural things for normal growth. Simply put, hydroponics supplies the plant with what it needs, when it needs it. There is no genetic mutation that takes place inside the equipment, nor are there any mysterious chemicals given to the plants' roots that trick them into thinking they're on steroids. Space Case grinders available from

Is hydroponic growing harmful to the environment?

Growing plants hydroponically is far more "earth friendly" than conventional gardening could ever be. Hydroponic water usage is 70 to 90 percent less then that used in conventional dirt gardening and no fertilizer is lost to rain run off. These two items alone, water conservation and the non-pollution oflakes and streams, are major incentives to using hydroponics.

Is Hydroponic growing expensive?

You may have seen hydroponics on display at a state fair or at a certain Orlando theme park. These systems are on the cutting edge of modern technology. The scientists there are researching ways to grow huge amounts of food in the extreme conditions found on barren waste lands, deserts and even in outer space. Smaller systems, practical and easily affordable, that utilize the exact same principles and work just as well, are available today for the average hobby gardener at relatively inexpensive prices.

Hydroponics can produce superior plant growth and superior yields in contrast to unpredictable outdoor growing conditions. Every seed, seedling and plant has a genetic ability to grow at a certain rate, to yield a certain amount of bud and for that bud to smoke and taste a certain way. All of these characteristics are controlled by a plant's genetic make-up and there isn't anything anyone can do that will make the plant exceed its natural genetic limits.

Getting a plant to grow to its full potential in common soil is difficult because of the hundreds of variables in the soil's make-up that influence the plant and its growth. It is the ability to control these variables that makes hydroponics superior to conventional gardening. You have full control over what the plant has available to it rather than guessing what the soil can provide. Because of this, the plants can display growth superior to plants grown in soil, but can only grow according to its inherited genetic capability.