Screen of Green

In its most simple form, the Screen of Green technique involves using a large mesh screen, usually poultry netting, and suspending it between the growing medium and the lamp. The plants grow up to the screen and then are "trained" to grow along the length of the screen, rather than straight through. This results in a flat "table" of plant growth, a field rather than a forest. is the best place for you.

Because most of the plant shoots are grown at the same height (against the screen), your plant growth is equally exposed to the circle of light above, maximizing production from the space. Instead of having a few great buds at the top, some decent buds in the middle, and some airy, low-potency buds near the bottom, all of the buds at screen-level grow like plant tops. This method can be very effective with practice and can decrease the number of plants you have to grow, which may be desirable in your political climate.

In a way, ScrOG is the opposite in approach to SOG. SerOG effectively utilizes the available light on just a few plants. The plants are trained to blanket a given area, but these few plants take longer to grow vegetatively. On the other hand, SOG utilizes the available light on the maximum number of plants that can fit into the grow space. The plants are grown vegetatively for only a short amount of time and then flowered to keep their size small and decrease the time until harvest.