Where To Grow

Where to Grow

Whether your intended growing area is a basement, a closet, a bathroom, an entire room, or any space in between, an indoor grow room allows you great influence over how well your plants can grow. With the right planning, preparation, and execution, you can use your grow room to harvest your own tasty buds three, four, and even five times more often than Earth's seasonal nature allows. Space case produce outstanding grinders with which to enjoy your stash.

The best grow rooms usually begin with a well thought-out plan. Most indoor growers benefit by carefully designing their grow room and writing their plans down on paper. Many factors determine the size and quality of your harvest and these must be weighed against other factors such as how much time you can devote to the project, how much money you are willing to spend, how large of a grow space you have access to, and how secure you want your harvest to be.

This chapter will provide you with enough information to figure out where you can construct your grow room, how much cannabis you can realistically grow there, and what you will need to spend to accomplish this. Your grow room can be a major investment of time and money and if you're serious about growing, it most likely will be.

Marijuana is grown in all kinds of places: perfectly built greenhouses, closets, basements or spare bedrooms. Every place has its advantages and drawbacks, but some simple guidelines should be followed when choosing a space.

~It You don't want any light to enter or leave the room.

The brightness, but especially the color of the lamps used, can

draw attention from your neighbors. From the plants point of view, it's even more important that no light gets in. The hormones that trigger the process of flowering are initiated by twelve solid hours of darkness. Only if the plants are kept in total darkness for twelve hours per day will this hormone be able to initiate flowering.

~It You want air to get in and out as much as possible.

Ventilation fans and some ducting may be required to expel stagnant air and replace it with fresh (COz-rich) air that the plants use for growth. When trying to pick out a space, visualize how you will provide fresh air to the room and how you will get rid of the stale air.

~You need access to fresh water.

A nearby tap makes life a lot easier because growing marijuana uses a lot of water. Since growing hydroponically means you have to flush the growing media on a regular basis, a way to get rid of the wastewater also comes in very handy. You should select a room that could be supplied with water by a reasonably-sized garden hose.

~You need electricity that is grounded to the earth.

Most grow rooms have electrical sockets nearby, but for those who don't, you will have to use heavy-duty extension cords to bring the electricity to the room. If the room is anywhere near unfriendly foot traffic, the cords must be discreet and undetectable .

~You need a space that is secure.

Most importantly, you need a grow space that cannot be easily detected or discovered. Review the complete list of security issues in this chapter to learn what to look for in a secure grow room. Also, read the Safety and Security chapter for information on how to protect your grow room from cops, visitors, and nosy neighbors.

Now that you know about the features that you should look for in a good grow room, let's have a look at the drawbacks and advantages of specific spaces.